2018 SCQR Manuals

An overview of the updates and clarifications to the MSQC 2018 SCQR Manual is available here.    

MSQC 2018 SCQR Manual

The complete SCQR manual is available here in one document. The individual sections are available here:

MSQC Workstation User Guides    

MSQC 2018 SCQR Support Kit (Tools, Algorithms, Decision Trees, Worksheets)    

MSQC 2018 Data Collection Worksheets   

MSQC 2018 Follow-up Tools  

Misc. Help Tools  

CPT code Tools   

Infections Tools   

Hysterectomy Tools    

Pain-Opioid Use & PROs tools   

         For more information, please see: https://opioidprescribing.info/ 

FAQs and Clinical Updates 2018