BCBSM Partnership

“The Michigan Collaborative Quality Initiative approach generally, and the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative in particular, have established a model worthy of emulation nationally. The MSQC consistently works on the edges of what is known about optimizing quality in surgical care, generating new knowledge and rapidly deploying it in practice. The hard work of the MSQC participants pays huge dividends in terms of lives saved, improved wellbeing and cost savings. These accomplishments are increasingly recognized outside of Michigan, as evidenced by the recent awards received from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association for MSQC’s ‘Best of Blue’ achievements, and an article featuring MSQC and other surgical CQIs published in Health Affairs in April of 2011. All involved should feel well deserved personal and professional pride for creating a culture in Michigan health care in which we pool our efforts and best thinking to continuously optimize practices, systems and outcomes of care. How wonderful is that!”

David Share, MD, MPH, Vice President, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Value Partnerships, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan


In 2011, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) recognized the excellent work being done by our collaborative when they named Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network (BCBSM/BCN) a Best of Blue Clinical Distinction Award winner. This award recognizes programs that exemplify a vision of the future of healthcare and a commitment to positively impact healthcare delivery. Applications are judged by the Harvard Medical School, Department of Health Care Policy team, and judges representing key medical societies in a rigorous criteria-based process. BCBSA, in collaboration with the Harvard Medical School Department of Health Care Policy, also recognized BCBSM/BCN with the BlueWorks® Award for two programs that address surgical healthcare quality and outcomes for patients—MSQC was one of these programs. The BlueWorks® Award is given to the top program chosen from the Best of Blue Clinical Distinction Award winners. The MSQC program was submitted by BCBSM/BCN and reviewed by an independent panel of judges, representing several medical societies and the Harvard Medical School Department of Health Care Policy.

BlueWorks® recognizes programs that make healthcare safe, improve care quality, accessibility and affordability, and engage providers, consumers, and communities. The partnership between BCBSM / BCN and MSQC is a great example of what can result when innovation is nurtured and supported. The MSQC is a model for collaboration that other regions can and have replicated to improve their surgical outcomes. This award recognizes the good work that we do together to achieve real value for all of our members and the patients we serve.

“The Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative has been a powerful force for improving delivery of care across Michigan for all Michigan residents receiving general and vascular surgery. In collaboration with highly committed Coordinating Center leadership, there is a highly engaged surgeon and hospital community working hand-in-glove to address issues of great importance. Without this active collaboration we could have never seen such significant improvements in quality compared to the national averages. A data registry is one thing, a data registry surrounded by a highly engaged physician community that meets on a quarterly basis to share challenges and best practices is a testament to the power of quality improvement among like-minded professionals.”

Tom Leyden, MBA, Director, Value Partnerships, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan