MSQC 2018 Case Selection

It’s that time of year again to make your optional case selections for 2018!

To help you decide if you would like to continue collecting the same cases or make case selection changes, this page outlines general information for you to review with your supervisor and/or quality teams. You will need to make your case selection declaration for the 2018 calendar year by October 13, 2017.



  • All sites will continue to collect up to 25 Core procedures per cycle in 2018.
  • Both Hysterectomy and Vascular procedures are optional for data collection again in 2018. 
  • Your site may choose to participate in the vascular and/or hysterectomy optional groups if you have a special QI interest in that area, or if you need the extra volume to supplement your FTE. 
  • Beginning with January 1, 2018 procedure dates, you will collect only your declared cases.
  • You are only able to change your case selections annually.


FTE Model

To assist in determining the best option for your site, the 2019 MSQC FTE model is under review at BCBSM. We have proposed that the 2019 FTE Model will be exactly like the current 2018 Model. Volume accrued between January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018 will contribute to the 2019 FTE payment allocated.  1 FTE equates to 1050 sampled and completed cases, and effort is prorated above and below the full time threshold. Total site volume/1050 will determine the exact FTE earned. Please review your current case selections and decide if you would like to opt in or out to either or both of the optional groups, considering how the cases selected may affect your FTE payment.

Again for the 2019 FTE Model, hospital size and eligible volume will determine the hospital's maximum FTE earning potential. Large size/volume sites, consisting of greater than 500 beds and/or having 2000 uploaded cases annually, will be offered the opportunity to collect an additional 10 cases/cycle and earn proportionally the additional FTE.  With a program maximum of 35 cases/cycle and 46 cycles available, large size/volume hospitals can opt to earn up to a 1.53 FTE for submitting 1610 abstracted cases. You will be notified if your site fits this model.

  • 1050 sampled cases = 1 FTE
  • Case collection dates - 1/1/2018 - 12/31/2018
  • 25 cases/cycle
  • 46 cycles available
  • Standard volume hospital maximum case contribution = 1150; Maximum FTE = 1.10 FTE
  • Large Site/Volume Hospitals maximum case contribution = 1610; Maximum FTE = 1.53 FTE
  • Oversampled cases WILL NOT contribute to volume


Site Support

MSQC's Clinical Support staff is available to help you and your team understand how the optional cases selected may impact your FTE volume and QI activities, and to help make your Case Selection Declaration for 2018. Cheryl and Rhonda will be available via email to answer any site specific questions, and will arrange “office hours” at the October Conference.


Case Selection Declaration for 2018

When you are ready, please click the link below to make your 2018 Case Selection Declaration:

You will need to make your case selection declaration for the 2018 calendar year by October 13, 2017.

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.