MSQC Collaborative Meeting, December 2018

When: December 7, 2018, 9am - 3pm.  Note, the morning session will be livestreamed online.

Where: VisTaTech Center, Livonia, MI

The MSQC December 7th meeting has a dual focus:

1) Morning Session: The Value of CQI Participation

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It can be a challenge to get administrative buy-in to support the resources required to improve quality. In this session we plan to outline the significant financial incentives offered for hospitals and physicians, and help hospital administration and quality leadership to understand the importance of MSQC participation.

This morning session will be livestreamed for remote attendance.


2) Afternoon Session: Care Pathway Development

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Over the next few years, MSQC will focus on the development of stem-to-stern Care Pathways. We want to encourage all common operations to be considered within the context of a hospital based care pathway.  To begin this work, we will be dedicating the afternoon to 3 procedure-specific breakout sessions to discuss and develop care pathway elements for Hernia, Cholecystectomy and Colectomy procedures.

We encourage our sites to invite hernia, lap chole, and/or colectomy surgeons, nurses, and all care team members to participate in these procedure-specific breakout sessions.


Full details, including an agenda, registration details, and livestreaming details for the morning session will be available in November 2018.