MSQC Forum

The MSQC Forum is an email-based discussion group intended for SCQRs to discuss and exchange ideas, experiences, opinions and questions related to MSQC’s mission, including, but not limited to, quality improvement initiatives, best practice, and general operational issues.

All SCQRs will be added to the MSQC Forum automatically. Forum membership is limited to SCQRs and MSQC's Coordinating Center staff only.


How It Works

The MSQC Forum works just like regular email. Use your regular email service provider to send, receive, read and reply to MSQC Forum messages.

To send a message to the MSQC Forum, simply use the email address in your email's "To:" field. When you send a message to this email address, it will be automatically sent to all members.

To easily identify MSQC Forum messages in your email inbox, look for email subject lines containing the identifier [msqcdiscussionlist].

You can respond to a message from the MSQC Forum just as you would to any email message. Simply hit your “Reply” button, and note that now appears in the "To:" field.

To ensure that you receive all MSQC Forum messages, and to prevent Forum messages from being tagged as spam or junk email, periodically check your spam folder and, if necessary, "whitelist" the email address. Your IT Department should be able to assist with this.

You might also add the Forum email address to your Contact List, or create a filter to ensure all email from the Forum ends up in your inbox or a folder of your choice. Again, contact your IT Department if you need help with this.

Note that the Forum will be monitored by MSQC Coordinating Center staff, but not moderated, meaning email will not be filtered or checked for content, and will go directly to all Forum members. MSQC staff will join conversations, answer questions, and facilitate discussion as appropriate.


Posting Policy

All contributing members of the MSQC Forum must abide by the posting policies below:

  • Protected Health Information (PHI), as covered by the HIPAA Privacy Rule, must not be sent to the Forum.
  • Responsibility for the content of any message sent to the Forum rests entirely with the sender. MSQC accepts no responsibility for the content of any member email sent to the Forum.
  • Please keep messages on topic. All email messages sent to the Forum must be of direct interest to the MSQC audience.
  • For security reasons, and to mitigate the possibility of PHI being posted, attachments and inline images are not allowed.
  • Do not post any information or other material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.
  • Do not send advertisements, spam, virus warnings, forwarded jokes, chain letters, petitions, business solicitations, or political endorsements etc. to the Forum.
  • Personal attacks and offensive language will not be tolerated. Personal disagreements should be taken off the Forum to personal email.
  • Add a signature tag to all messages, including your name, affiliation, and email address. Images included in signature files are not allowed.
  • Unsubscribe requests, complaints, and other administrative concerns should be sent directly to, not to the Forum.


Guidelines for Successful Discussion

These guidelines are highly recommended in order to cultivate a healthy and vibrant discussion.

  • Keep messages concise and to the point.
  • Use a subject line that clearly describes the content of your email.
  • Questions are welcomed, but please contribute to the Forum as well as benefiting from it. Answer others’ questions as well as asking them yourself.
  • Be civil, respectful, and professional. Do not say anything by email that you would not be prepared to say in person. Avoid emailing the Forum when angry or upset.
  • Remember that replying to a Forum message will send an email to *all* Forum members, including MSQC Coordinating Center staff. Send personal responses directly to the sender, not to the Forum.



While we welcome and encourage open and wide-ranging discussion, certain questions and concerns are best directed towards other channels:

Please note that MSQC reserves the right to remove from the Forum any member consistently posting messages that contravene the Forum posting policies and guidelines. We will review, and if necessary revise the policies and guidelines as appropriate.

Members may unsubscribe from the MSQC Forum at any time by emailing a request to