The MSQC PSO Administrative Toolkit

The MSQC PSO Administrative Toolkit contains a selection of slides explaining MSQC, its background, structure, role as a CQI, and value proposition. It contains details of MSQC's collaborative, evidence-based approach to best practice and quality improvement, some key results and achievements, and informational screenshots of MSQC’s unique data and reporting platform.

We make the Toolkit available as a PowerPoint slide deck to be modified for customization for use and distribution at your site.

This Toolkit has been made available with the sole intent of assisting sites with the initiation and development of the MSQC program. In the interest of improving surgical care, favorably affecting patient outcomes, and wide promotion of best practices, MSQC has made this documents accessible with minimal restriction. Please be respectful of its use and refrain from reproducing or using these slides outside of their intended purpose.

If you have any questions, or need any further informational resources, please don't hesitate to contact MSQC Customer Support.