January 4, 2018

MSQC Leadership Changes - A Note From Skip


Succession planning is a tricky thing.  If your colleagues ask about it too frequently, paranoia is the result.  If you postpone discussion well into the rocking chair stage, you could be seen as selfish and egocentric. Timing is everything.

I have brought the subject up myself within MSQC, not wanting to be at either end of the spectrum.  We at MSQC have an awesome group, in many ways the envy of the nation.  I want to keep it that way. The timing is right to hand over the reins to someone younger, smarter and more capable.

That person is Mike Englesbe, previously the Associate Director of MSQC.

Mike and SKip

As many of you know, Mike has been with MSQC since its inception, is passionate about the group, and has been responsible for some of our more creative undertakings, for example the prehabilitation and opioid prescribing efforts. He has all the requisite academic credentials, with more than 200 publications to date, multiple student teaching awards, and as I can testify from the perspective of a partner in transplantation, an excellent technical surgeon.

But the most important qualification for this job is that Mike is a friendly, reasonable and non-judgmental human being.  In my opinion he is the perfect person for the job.  I discussed this issue with the Executive Committee, and they were unanimous in their endorsement of Mike.  He will take over the reins as Director January 1, and will run MSQC in collaboration with Greta Krapohl, our Associate Director, and Beth Seese, our Program Manager.

I am not going anywhere, and will continue to have an office at MSQC, with a reduced appointment.  I hope to contribute in many ways, not the least as an elder statesman, but primarily in regard to some of the big picture issues I am interested in regarding MSQC as a model for the nation's QI effort.  As always I will be a faithful participant at our meetings.  I don’t want to lose any of the great friendships that have developed over the years.

A key feature of any successful organization is the smooth transition from one leader to another.  Please help me welcome Mike into this position, and help him to succeed as Director of MSQC.