MSQC Conference Workshops

During the MSQC Conference we will be hosting a number of workshops. These workshops are free of charge, but do require pre-registration. (Registration for the full conference is not required, but highly encouraged!)

Fundamentals of Vaginal Surgery

Thursday, October 10, 1:10pm – 2:40pm

Led by: Payton Schmidt, MD

The Fundamentals of Vaginal Surgery (FVS) is a basic skills training curriculum for developing surgical skills utilized in vaginal surgery. Currently, the FVS training set is made up of a simulator (i.e. task trainer) and seven exercises to be performed on this simulator. As part of the development and validation of the FVS training set, the FVS research group is planning a hands-on workshop for practicing physicians. The workshop will take the participating physicians through the FVS training set, during which they will receive feedback on timing and precision of their performance. Data regarding performance on the FVS training set and participant feedback will be collected and utilized to improve the training system.  

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Pancreatectomy Care Pathway Development

Thursday, October 10, 1:10pm – 2:40pm

Led by: Hari Nathan, MD and David Kwon, MD

Over the last year, the MSQC has focused on the development of stem-to-stern care pathways. We have had success in templating hospital-based care pathways for common operations such as hernia, cholecystectomy, and colectomy procedures.  This afternoon session will be dedicated to beginning this work in pancreatectomy, with a focus on pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple) procedures. Our goals are to understand how surgeons and centers in MSQC manage these patients and to develop a list of best practices to incorporate into a Whipple care pathway. We encourage our sites to invite surgeons who perform pancreatectomy  procedures, along with nurses and other care team members, to register to participate

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Surgical Formative Feedback Part I: Informational Kick-Off

Thursday, October 10, 1:10pm – 2:40pm

Led by: John Byrn, MD

MSQC continues to develop and support programs that add value for the practicing surgeon.  During this Part I session, Dr. John Byrn will introduce the concept of formative feedback and expound on future opportunities to participate in a Group Coaching Intervention Project to improve skill, outcomes, and wellbeing. Interested surgeons will be invited to experience an actual formative feedback session first-hand, as Part II will be offered the following day of the conference.

Surgical Formative Feedback Session: Part II – Group Video Review and Feedback Session

Friday, October 11, 8:00am – 11:30am

Led by: John Byrn, MD and Jonah Stulberg, MD

For Part II of this formative feedback session, Drs. Byrn and Stulberg will facilitate group review and discussion of laparoscopic colectomy videos.  Surgeons considering participation in the Group Coaching Intervention Project introduced in Part I, will discuss key components and technique to help identify elements of technical best practice for this procedure.

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