The MSQC considers accurate and precise data to be of critical importance to the success of the Program, and an important strength of MSQC is the reliable data it generates. The MSQC continuously monitors data and site data collection practices to assure the reliability of the data through a variety of means, such as inter-rater reliability assessments (IRR) and certification exams.

Inter-Rater Reliability Audit – IRR

As part of our commitment to data validity and reliability, MSQC conducts inter-rater reliability (IRR) clinical data review at each participating hospital. The IRR is an important tool to validate the reliability of the data collected which informs various processes across the MSQC. Each year MSQC will audit a pre-determined list of sites and their data.  These sites will be prioritized based upon when a previous IRR was completed. MSQC reserves the right to delay, add or remove sites as needed.

In brief, the process for the case abstraction IRR is as follows:

  • 2 weeks prior to the IRR, the site will be notified by the MSQC Coordinating Center of when the IRR will begin at their site along with the 16 case numbers that have been chosen at random for potential audit. 
  • A minimum of 4 out of the 10 cases will be reviewed for agreement by at least two MSQC Clinical Site Coordinators.
  • Approximately 2 weeks following the review, the Coordinating Center will return IRR preliminary results to the site for review.
  • After the preliminary results are reviewed by the site, a web-conference or site visit may be held to allow for discussion of the IRR results between the site and the MSQC Coordinating Center.
  • Following this discussion, a final report will be forwarded to the SCQR, Supervisor, and Surgeon Champion at the site.
  • See the IRR Checklist for more details

New SCQR Certification

All newly hired SCQRs will complete the initial certification requirements within the first six (6) months of participation in the program. The certification exam is administered electronically through the MSQC Learning Center – Canvas.

SCQRs may take the certification examination a maximum of 3 times in order to obtain a minimum passing score of 90%. In the event the SCQR fails to achieve a score of 90% on the certification exam within the required timeframe and/or after 3 attempts, the MSQC reserves the right to recommend additional training for the SCQR and/or recommend replacement of the SCQR.