5/20/2022 Coming soon to Workstation Login – MFA!

As of 5/24/2022, you will need to use a MFA (multi-factor authentication) prior to logging in to the MSQC Workstation. Instructions to set up the MFA are located here.

3/16/2022 2022 QI glycemic control measure updated: Hernia and Hysterectomy

The glycemic control preoperative measure for the the Hernia and Hysterectomy QI projects has been revised. The measure now states for ≥ 80% of patients, HbA1c must be obtained if patient diabetic (DM=insulin or non-insulin) or RBS, FBS, or HbA1c must be obtained if patient is at-risk non-diabetic (age≥45 or BMI≥30). Updated documents (tracking sheets and one-pagers) are now available on the 2022 Quality Improvement webpage.

3/16/2022 Care Pathways updated

The Hernia, Colectomy, and Hernia MSQC Care Pathways were updated to include the glycemic control revisions, and more evidence based and best practices were added from current or former QI projects.

2/4/2022 2022 QI documents updated for CWM scoring recalculation

The following documents were updated after recalculating the CWM scoring thresholds to include more 2021 completed cases: 2022 P4P Scorecard, and all one-pagers and project tracking sheets for all QI projects. Updated documents are now available on the 2022 Quality Improvement webpage.

1/14/2022 2022 Updates

The 2022 Program Manual, supplementary updates document, data collection sheets, and sampling frame template are now available in MSQC Workstation Resources. If you downloaded the Manual on 1/12, please re-download the 1/13 version (there was one wording update in Postop Multimodal variable option #13 – changed “Intraop” to “Postop”).

The Hysterectomy and Hernia QI Kickoff slides are now available on the 2022 Quality Improvement webpage.

7/29/2021 QI Updates

An Excel template and a supplementary Hysterectomy and Hernia Tracker Guide are now available in the Workstation Resources to easily pull your data and check your hospital’s progress on the 2021 Hysterectomy and Hernia QI Projects.

An updated 2021 QI timeline is posted on the QI webpage. Box report releases were removed from the timeline as your data is now available in the Workstation reports.

3/3/2021 Hysterectomy QI Project Update – Appropriate Antibiotics

The Appropriate Antibiotics table has been updated to include only the five first line antibiotics from the ASHP guidelines and the 2017 paper using MSQC data. In addition, the allowable time frame for antibiotic administration is now within 60 minutes prior to surgery start. Please see the Hysterectomy section of the QI webpage for the updated table within the project summary and a new Antibiotics Abstraction tip sheet.

3/3/2021 Intraop Multimodal Pain Management Update – Urgent and Emergent cases

After consultation with our anesthesia colleagues, to be more inclusive of patients having urgent or emergent surgery, non-opioid medications administered within 4 hours of surgery start time can be included for the intraop use of multimodal pain management variable for urgent and emergent patients only. This will account for situations where these patients receive multimodal pain medication in locations other than the preop holding area (e.g., emergency room, inpatient nursing unit).

2/16/2021 Hernia and Hysterectomy QI Projects Update – Preop Blood Glucose Measurement

On 2/11/2021, the preoperative blood glucose measurement requirements for non-diabetic patients in the Hernia and Hysterectomy QI Projects were updated- fasting BG level specifically is no longer required. Any of the following are acceptable for non-diabetic patients: random BG, fasting BG, fingerstick, or HbgA1c. HbgA1c is still required for diabetic patients. A Preoperative Blood Glucose Values abstraction tip sheet is located in the Resources section of the Workstation.

1/15/2021 2021 MSQC Program Manual Updated

v2 of the 2021 MSQC Program Manual is available in Workstation Resources. Edits were made to the PI Scorecard (Measure 6 CWM Goals), and Alternative to Hysterectomy variable (previous version released on 1/6/2021)

9/30/2020 Box Access Update

User Box access has been updated. If you need to add a user to your hospital Box folder, please contact MSQC.

8/5/2020 Updated QI Tracking Sheet

Updated Goal #3 pain score categories: Moderate (4-6); Severe (7-10) to match the Box reports.

6/18/2020 Updated QI Documents and Cumulative Rate #1 Now Available

Please see the email that was sent on 6/18/20. We released a document of updates to the P4P Scoring and Measurement Periods due to Covid-19, and updated the QI tracking Tool, QI timeline, and Measure 6 and 7 documents.

Cumulative Rate #1 is now Available in your Box folder.

5/20/2020 Update to 2020 SCQR Training Day

Please see the SCQR Forum email that was sent on 5/20/2020 for updates to the June SCQR Training Day on 6/19. We will be holding live sessions on 6/19, and offer pre-recorded sessions that you can view at your convenience.

5/18/2020 Baseline Data Available in Box

Please check your Box folder to retrieve your Baseline Data for the 2020 QI project. An email was sent on 5/18 describing the Box reports and new measures.

4/23/2020 Follow Up Tips & Expectations Document Updated

Please see the updated Follow Up Tips and Expectations document here. We added clarifying tips on answering “Followed for 30 days” for all scenarios, based on clinical follow up and the # of attempts to contact patient.

2/13/2020 2020 P4P Scorecard Updated on Website

We only included the scorecard portion in the updated document. See other documents for additional details here:

2/10/2020 5th Cumulative Rate data available in Box

2/6/2020 Appendix A Update

Please update Appendix A-Bowel; Principal CPT (Note 1) and ICD-10 Code variables (Note 1) to reflect this change: The following CPT codes must have the included bowel obstruction/volvulus/ intussusception ICD-10 codes: 44005, 44020, 44050, 44055 and 44180.
Programming in Workstation and Help Text is correct.

How to fix this:

  • Appendix A lists 44120 incorrectly as a bowel obstruction only CPT code [remove this from the bowel obstruction/greyed out list of CPTs, it is still an included CPT].
  • Principal CPT and ICD-10 Code lists 44021 incorrectly [remove this CPT from list as it was retired in 2020]

1/21/2020 Whipple Care Pathway Released

Please share with Whipple-performing surgeons.

1/20/2020 Measure 6 & 7 Document Updated on Website

Updated Measure 6 and Measure 7 QI document to clarify:
Surgical Site Pain Score IN THE LAST WEEK

1/7/2020 Changed “inguinal/femoral” wording on QI documents to “minor hernia”

The intention is to include all minor hernia cases in the QI project if selecting that group. See CPT code list for all included cases