2/13/2020 2020 P4P Scorecard Updated on Website

Only including scorecard portion in the document. See other documents for additional details.

2/10/2020 5th Cumulative Rate data available in Box

2/6/2020 Appendix A Update

Please update Appendix A-Bowel; Principal CPT (Note 1) and ICD-10 Code variables (Note 1) to reflect this change: The following CPT codes must have the included bowel obstruction/volvulus/ intussusception ICD-10 codes: 44005, 44020, 44050, 44055 and 44180.
Programming in Workstation and Help Text is correct.

How to fix this:

  • Appendix A lists 44120 incorrectly as a bowel obstruction only CPT code [remove this from the bowel obstruction/greyed out list of CPTs, it is still an included CPT].
  • Principal CPT and ICD-10 Code lists 44021 incorrectly [remove this CPT from list as it was retired in 2020]

1/21/2020 Whipple Care Pathway Released

Please share with Whipple-performing surgeons.

1/20/2020 Measure 6 & 7 Document Updated on Website

Updated Measure 6 and Measure 7 QI document to clarify:
Surgical Site Pain Score IN THE LAST WEEK

1/7/2020 Changed “inguinal/femoral” wording on QI documents to “minor hernia”

The intention is to include all minor hernia cases in the QI project if selecting that group. See CPT code list for all included cases