New abstractor training is offered to help familiarize the new Surgical Clinical Quality Reviewer (SCQR) with the MSQC program requirements and to assist in formulating a method for consistent and accurate data abstraction which ensures the collection of high-quality data. This data supports quality and process of care improvements and healthcare research of the surgical patient population at all participating hospitals.

All training is offered in a self-paced format which incorporates the MSQC variables and definitions, the sampling and follow up processes, and the introduction to quality improvement (QI) initiatives. The topics are introduced through online learning modules and applied by the students by completing case studies and utilizing the training environment of the web-based MSQC Workstation. The training requirements can begin at any time and can be completed in about 1 to 3 weeks, and must be completed prior to access to the SCQRs hospital Workstation. 

Are you hiring a new Abstractor?

Please click the link to view the SCQR Job Description.

An SCQR must be an RN working at an MSQC participating hospital or at an approved 3rd party abstraction company. Non-abstraction training (follow up and sampling processes, QI) is also offered to RNs and non-RNs to help offset some of the duties of the SCQR/abstractor.

Training Registration

Please click the Training Registration link to register for the new SCQR training session (select “change contact information then select either the “replacing current designee” or “new designee” option). Once the registration has been received, you will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days. Please call the MSQC Coordinating Center at 734-998-8200 if a confirmation email is not received.


All training will be held virtually.

Training Questions?

Please contact Cheryl at if you have any questions about SCQR training.