Monopoly Application

Please complete the form below, describing your proposed initiative. Please limit each answer to 200 words or less. Deadline for applications is September 1st, 2019.


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MSQC Monopoly – Proposal Application

Quality Improvement Project Title

Primary Project Lead

Section 1: What is the Quality Improvement Opportunity?

Section 1 Guidance

Identify the problem, health issue or theme

– Provide evidence that this is a problem and where the room for improvement is across the state. References encouraged.
– Explain the intervention and list overall project goals.

Describe how the project incorporates evidence-based interventions and best practices to improve quality.

Describe how the collaborative impact of this project could be measured by MSQC hospitals. Include examples of quantitative/qualitative data that could demonstrate value, illustrate change, or improve health outcomes or behaviors.

Section 2: Selection Guidance

Section 2 Guidance

Consider baseline performance metrics, patient populations, types and volume of surgeries performed annually.

What is the target patient population?

What hospital parameters are required to demonstrate impact (i.e. case types/CPTs, annual case volume, qualifying baseline performance or metrics that indicate a need for improvement, etc.)

Section 3: Implementation Goals/Performance Measurement

Section 3 Guidance

What actions will be needed to implement change in care practices?

What are site specific implementation or process measure goals for incorporating evidence-based interventions and best practices? (e.g. what % of patients received a preoperative shower)

How will the site specific impact and/or improvement be measured (outcomes, cost, provider and patient QOL/ satisfaction)?

What are feasible targets for compliance and/or improvement? (i.e. threshold of compliance, target rate of change, measure of improvement over baseline or meeting a set goal)