MSQC Monopoly

MSQC Monopoly: The Quality Improvement Edition has been designed to harness the quality improvement capital of the collaborative!  We encourage all potential players to roll the dice and throw their quality improvement project ideas into play.

The Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative (MSQC), with the help of our Executive Committee, has established a number of Quality Improvement Implementation (QII) Projects to help achieve improved surgical outcomes across the state. However, we recognize there is untapped potential for developing innovative quality improvement projects within our larger membership.

The MSQC needs your input to create future initiatives and set goals of value to you, your hospital, patients, and our diverse collaborative community. So, if you have ever thought, ‘MSQC should make this a Quality Improvement project,’ then this is the opportunity for you…we want to hear your ideas!

The Details

MSQC Monopoly: The Quality Improvement Edition is intended to:

  • Foster the collaborative spirit and contributions to QI development
  • Align future goals and initiatives with hospital quality efforts
  • Get innovative and new QII project ideas.

We invite the submission of all QII Project Proposals representing the goals and initiatives most relevant and impactful to your hospital for the improvement of surgical care.

A single winner will be selected to receive statewide recognition and a $3,000 payout to pilot their quality improvement project idea.

The MSQC and its Executive Committee, will select as many as four finalists. All finalists will be invited to represent their quality improvement project idea at the 2019 MSQC Conference, scheduled for October 10th and 11th at the Book Cadillac Hotel, in Detroit.

Our game will be hosted by Uncle Milburn Pennybags himself and conference attendees will determine the winning proposal by ‘investing’ their allotted MSQC Monopoly dollars into their project of choice. The player with the biggest bank will be named winner of MSQC Monopoly: The Quality Improvement Edition.

Submit a Project Proposal

To play the game, please fill out this short application to describe the initiative in 300 words or less by September 1st, 2019.

Click here to submit an application. [Applications are now closed.]

A detailed project plan and budget are not required at this stage, but applicants may be asked to provide that information later.  Individuals or teams from member hospitals are eligible to apply. At least one member from your group must attend the 2019 MSQC Conference on October 10th and 11th.   

Examples of recent and impactful MSQC Quality Improvement Implementation projects:

If you have questions or would like help turning your idea into a project proposal please email us at