2020 Quality Improvement Projects

For the past several years MSQC has worked closely with Michigan OPEN to reduce the number of opioids prescribed after surgery. We have included opioid prescribing QII projects in our P4P program for both 2018 and 2019, which have proven successful in decreasing prescribing over and above the improvements that followed the dissemination of the recommendations to the collaborative.

Simultaneously, MSQC has been focused on the development and implementation of care pathways for surgical procedures. Each of the care pathways that have been developed to date (hernia repair, cholecystectomy, colectomy, and hysterectomy) have included similar elements of pain management, which are vital to supporting the practice of reduced opioid prescribing.

In 2020 each hospital will be asked to identify two procedures for which an MSQC care pathway has been developed, and then undertake a “rapid improvement QI implementation cycle”. In addition, the Collaborative Wide Measure is to increase the response rate to the Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) survey at 30 days post-surgery to continue carefully monitoring the patient response to reduced opioid prescribing.