Frailty is defined as a collective of social and medical conditions which lessen a patient’s reserve over time, increasing vulnerability to a variety of stressors. Frailty has been recognized as an independent risk factor in several sub-optimal surgical outcomes.

The Frailty Resources Toolkit has been developed to assist MSQC sites in caring for patients identified as frail using either a validated screening tool or clinical judgement. This content has been collected with the purpose of assisting sites participating in the Frailty Quality Improvement project, however these principles can be applied to at risk or frail patients across the collaborative.

Toolkit Components

Tools: a collection of validated screening tools along with plans aimed at offering evidence-based methods of improving care to this population. These tools may be used in future quality improvement work as opportunities for improving the care of this vulnerable population are identified.

Articles: a collection of peer-reviewed journal articles outlining the current work being done to optimize care for this population. This list will be periodically updated to reflect current findings and best practices identified in this area.